Tuesday, August 11, 2015

So this is what an author's website looks like..

Look at me, internet, staring at you from my office, drinking coffee when I should be having lunch, blogging at you. I never thought something like this would be happening! 
I'm going to be honest with you, right up front: I have every intention of uodating this thing regularly, whether or not anybody ever actually reads it, but let me also add that this is essentially a brand new thing for me; there's gonna be some mistakes. I'm not even typing this on the program I use to create/edit/manage RyOfAllTrades.com; I'm on a site that interacts with said program, hoping that all I have to do is type and click SAVE. For those of you who have been blogging since the days of LiveJournal, please take pity on me. I'm a doctor writer, not a blogger, dammit! (Those are somehow different?)
Anyway, here she is: Ry Of All Trades, the domain name I landed on when somehow both RyTV and Spookington were both taken. "RyTV is obvious, but Spookington?", you might be asking, screaming into the heavens. It's a long and uninteresting story, but the short version is that circa age 12 or 13, I randomly told my friend to call me, "Dr. Spookington", and later applied this name to my first guitar, a Lyon Strat copy that I still have to this day! From there, everything was Spookington: I wanted to publish songs on ASCAP under the pseudonym, Spookington Sounds, ltd.; I eventually presented all of my movies/films/shorts/cartoons by Spookington Sights & Sounds, ltd. (corporate expansion, hooray!); and the guitars that followed were Spooky, Jr. (the axe I wielded throughout my days with 33 Heads, John Doe Project, and Sutured Psyche) and LOSH (the Legend of Spooky Hollow, an acoustic) because, man, will I ever run an idea into the ground! Anyway, somewhere along the way, a group of artists decided that their production company would be called Spookingtons, and though I don't doubt their unique capacity for original thought, I cannot say I was not disappointed nor a slight bit perplexed. Still, it was either battle them with the singular form of the name I surely came up with first, or simply move on with my life.
Ry of All Trades makes sense. After all, anybody who knows me can attest that I put my hands in way too many cookie jars, both literally and figuratively (and if you're keeping score, that is the first time I've ever turned that phrase!). All my life, my focus was always split a multitude of ways. There was always a band, a book, a poem, a sport, a job, a movie, a script, a game, and a plural of any (or all) of those things. It's still that way today. I've been writing scripts for a season of Feeble Quest off-and-on since earlier this year, I returned to writing a couple novels that I let slide for a while, I went from having not played music in nearly 3 years to now being in two bands, and of course, I've been inspired to plaster the world with my projects.
So here we are, RyOfAllTrades.com. I don't even know if there's a "www" involved, because I rushed the process at GoDaddy.com. Regardless, I needed a vehicle, so I built one. This is all because A Deep Dark Pit of Despair is finally getting released. I think I'll save the story behind that story for the next post, but before I bid you a sweet farewell, please accept my gratitude. The fact that anybody is visiting my website and reading my blog just blows my mind. Think of all the cat videos and racist Facebook posts you're missing out on by being here! Thank you so much for giving me these few moments of your time. I hope this isn't the last we'll see of each other, as I've got a lot of things cooking and I think you're going to like them!